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I lost my home due to predatory lending in 2007 which led to forecloser it was a 30 year fixed loan thru the v.a. what can I do

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I bought my home in 2002 in 2004 I believe is when refinanced my loan do to unforeseen increases in my mortgage payments. In 2005 I suffered a massive heart attack and could not work. I tried to work with Washington mutual about there programs to help me but they ignored my requests for assistance. Then all my mortgage statements started coming from wells fargo bank demanding payment and sending me nasty letters in the mail with threats of forecloser . In 2007 they got the house back because I had to leave . Then I heard of a program on t.v. that can help veterans like myself that will go as far back as 2006 . please help Thankyou

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Consult a reputable mortgage foreclosure defense attorney right away!

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