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I lost custody of my sons to their father, now they do not wish to visit me or call me. Can I sign my rights over to the father?

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What do you mean "sign your rights over?" Are you trying to get out of paying child support. The answer in that case is no, there is nothing you can do in that regard. If another female wanted to adopt your kids, you could allow them to be adopted. In that case you'd have no responsibility to them whatsoever, but you'd also not be their mom anymore and would have zero rights altogether.

Why won't the kids talk to you? If dad is alienating them, you should get a lawyer and file a complaint for visitation. At least you might get to the bottom as to what is bothering your daughter.


Actually, yes, under some circumstances you can in Texas. There is a laundry list of special reasons that you might be allowed to but for the most part it boils down to the judge and the father agreeing. Those reason could be terminating your parental rights and them being adopted or simply modifying your decree so that payments arent made but no visitation is granted, or anywhere in between.


You can also sue in court to enforce the visitation, or have your daughter interviewed by the judge, an ad litem, or a counselor on her reasons for not wanting to visit. If the Court finds the father is at fault and is not tunring the child over as the decree requires, he can be held in contempt or court and possibly jailed, fined, and orderd to pay attorney fees.

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