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I lost custody of my son, then my ex got custody, but says I can't see him without supervision. How do I see if this is true?

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My son was put into foster care 5 years ago stemming from an accident with medication that was my fault. He was only a year old. No charges were filed against me and I no longer take any kind of narcotics. Then my ex got custody a year later. Now he says that I can't be alone with our son without supervision. He says that it's court ordered and if he left our son alone with me, he could lose custody. It's been 5 years and this doesn't sound right. I never received any information about any this. How can I find out if it's true or not?

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You need to go to the courthouse that your matter is heard in. You should be able to review the file and make copies of all orders the court has entered pertaining to custody and visitation. If there is a requirement of supervised visits, it should be written or referred to in the most current custody orders.

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I agree that you should look at the court file and see what the orders are. If you lost custody because of drug problems go to NA , take parenting classes, and do everything that you can to show that you are no a fit parent.
The ask the court to allow you to reunify with the child. It would probably be a good idea to have some professional supervised visits so that you have a third party-- a neutral party-- observe you and your child together.
good luck

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