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I lost a small claims suit against dealership because i signed and put money down contract. judge didn't care about my evidence

Seattle, WA |

the dealership advertised fully loaded vehicle/said fully loaded but ít did not mean theirs was fully loaded, said full refund for deposit/would not refund unless sign contract, said mint condition/admitted seatbelts ripped up, ran debit card/would not give me copy/but forged signature, admitted nothing there i wanted, i was crying, all i wanted was my deposit back, sold me different vehicle broke down 26 miles away, they have vehicle.... NOTHING MATTERS BECAUSE'
I PURCHASED ANOTHER VEHICLE, PUT MORE $ DOWN AND SIGNED CONTRACT AS IS SALE. website had all avail options yr/make/model - that did not mean theirs had all those options-not considered false advertisment, gave all rcw laws - did not matter i signed contract i needed to get a vehicle or loose $600 I got a judge who didn't care

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Small claims judgments are appealable, but only if you act very quickly. If you cannot afford an attorney, you should try to do this on your own. If nothing else, you will get a second opportunity to tell your story. If your story doesn't make sense, though (like signing the second contract when you already felt "taken" by the first transaction), you will run the risk of spending the appeal fees, time away from work, etc. -- for the same result. You can also be responsible for their attorney fees if you lose, where most contracts do provide for this, and/or an amount less than $10,000 allows this.

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