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I live in the state of Illinois and I have the interlocking do they impound your vehicle after the third violation.

Maywood, IL |

I'm on supervision and have received three extensions. I just recently received a letter stating that there was an order to impound my question is will they come remove my vehicle from my home?

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Your vehicle can be impounded anywhere it may be found. It can be impounded at the local grocery, on the public street or in your own driveway. You have been properly notified under the statute so any Fourth Amendment concern has been satisfied.


Yes, they will physically take it away which I believe was your question. One more violatoin and they can sell the car and keep the money after paying off the lien.


Yes, they can impound your vehicle anywhere they find it. Whether they come to your home or locate it anywhere else. If you are driving and are stopped, it will be taken on the spot.


Unfortunately, your use of the BAIID device has caused this order to impound your vehicle. You are in an unfortunate situation. I suspect your permit your MDDP is now cancelled as a result of the order to impound the car. At this point, the worst thing that you can do is drive a vehicle while suspended for the DUI - doing so during the summary suspension period can lead to being charged with a felony. I suggest you take care of all requirements that the Court may have imposed and waiting out the remaining time on your summary suspension. When it is over, pay your reinstatement fee and resume driving (provided of course your license is neither suspended nor revoked for any other reason). Good luck to you.

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