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I live in the state of Florida .Recently I had a lawsuit file against me because of unsecured debt to my credit card of $12,000.

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I am unable to work .I have been diagnosed with shingles and am receiving treatment for dipolar disorders from the Army doctors.I know this has nothing to do with my debt but wanted to give you my financial situation I only receive $430.00 SSI amonth from the government .Answered my lawsuit but I also wanted to consult to a pro bono (since I can't afford a lawyer .Seeked out legal aide in Florida but they are backed up. Can you help me or find a way for me to seek immediate help . I wanted to seek out a bankruptcy lawyer or someone in a pro bono manner or else? But also was told I might be judgement proof ,I don't know? Can you help me Would appreciate it! Thank you

if I seek legal aide I was told there is a waiting list .What if I have to go to court and supposely a judgement is imposed ,can I still file for bankruptcy ,I took the means test and am a canidate for bankruptcy?

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If your only income is $430 per month SSI then you are likely judgment proof. To make that determination, however, we also need to take a look at any assets you might have, for example a free and clear car. Being judgment proof means that you will have a judgment against you for, potentially, up to 20 years. It also means a BIG hit to your credit. Chances are that you qualify for Chap 7 bankruptcy, but that is a detailed analysis that needs to be made after a consultation. Most bankruptcy attorneys will provide a free consultation. Some (my office included) will also allow you to pay your bankruptcy fee in installments, although we cannot file until the retainer is paid in full.

Definitely take advantage of the free consultation if for no other reason than to fully evaluate whether you are judgment proof.

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Since the creditor can't "do anything to you" but aggravate you. I suggest you get on the legal aide waiting list and get a bankruptcy filed through them. Good luck.

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Get on the waiting list for the Legal Aid. They can file a bankruptcy or respond to your lawsuit, whichever is your best course of action. If you were served with the lawsuit and have only 20 days to respond, I would tell Legal Aid this information, and they might try to make an appointment for you faster. You can also try contacting your local bar association to see if there are any attorneys who take cases on a pro bono basis in your area.