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I live in texas i had 5 years probation(felony) now i am eligeble for release half time served, do i still have to pay the

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A person who is released early from probation typically does not have to pay supervision fees for the remainder of the probation. Every court has it's own viewpoint, so double check this with a criminal defense lawyer who practices in the court where you are on probation before relying on it.

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No. If a Motion for Early Release is granted and your probation is terminated, you will not have to pay supervision fees any longer.

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You will need to remain current on the monthly probation fees, make certain all Court FINES, COSTS, RESTITUTION, etc. is totally satisfied, all classes and programs have been completed, Community service hours are totally satisfied, and you will be eligible for early release so long as it is not a DWI/DUI. Contact a local attorney to verify your eligibility and to file a Motion for Early Termination of Community Supervision. In some circumstances, there is an opportunity to have any adjudication of guilt vacated and the charges dismissed much like a deferred adjudication. Good Luck.

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