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I live in Texas. Can my wife kick me out of the house? It is in her name.

Baytown, TX |

My wife is threatening to kick me out of the house because she wants a child and I am not willing to start a family at the moment because I just lost my job. We have been married for a year and a half. I own a house that I lived in before we married but it is rented out to tenants for a year, because we decided to live in her house because it is newer. So, I have no place to go and don't want to spend money I don't have on renting a place. There is no history of abuse in our relationship. She feels her clock is ticking and wants to get started on a family NOW which is why she is threatening to kick me out and to get a divorce. I prefer to wait until my finances are more stable.

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She would need to file a protective order to keep you out of the house without notice and hearing


If she files for divorce and requests that you move out, one of you will be forced to do so. Since it is her house, you will most likely be kicked out. You will be given some time to find a new place, etc.

The Judge will not care why you are divorcing.

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