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I live in OK & got a summons to appear in GA. Can a lawyer appear in my absence for a civil case regarding alimony modification?

Broken Bow, OK |

I was behind on alimony payments of $600 per month when my X filed for a Contempt Citation. I am now current on all payments and the court date is 22 days from today. That was the first summons. There is a second summons with the same court date as the first summons. The 2nd one is for a modification of alimony to change the $600 per month for 5 yrs, (which I have already paid 37 of the 60 payments), to a lump sum for the remaining 23 payments (which is about $14,000). I am broke and don't have the ability to get a loan of any kind. I don't have the money for a trip to GA. I need to know how to handle this whole thing legally and avoid a failure to appear charge as well.

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You may hire a GA lawyer to get advice. Perhaps that attorney will be able to help you resolve the disupte without you having to attend every hearing.