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I live in Ohio. What is the law about permanent spousal support after 25 years of marriage?

Columbus, OH |

I have stayed home for 20 years and raised our children. I am 44 and do not have a degree. Can I get support for longer than 10 years which is what my husband is proposing?

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You could but only an attorney very familiar with the spousal support policies of the Franklin County Domestic Relations Court could advise you on this kind of issue. In the Courts I practice in, you would not likely obtain an award for more than ten years. The court would think that with ten years of support, you had ample time to prepare for employment and earn some retirement benefit before retirement age. You will be entitled to a portion of any retirement benefits that have been earned over the last twenty years. The court is not likely award support for a longer period unless there are other reasons for an inability to work that you have not mentioned.

THE ANSWER PROVIDED is for general informational purposes only. This attorney does not intend to give legal advice. Evaluating the statutes and case law, as well as any relevant court documents together with a more detailed factual analysis could result in a different response. The attorney does not intend to create an attorney/client relationship by the response. Anyone seeking legal advice should always consult with retained legal counsel for a full evaluation of his or her claims.

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