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I live in Ohio, I have to go to court for a bad check. I did not intentionally do this and I am nervous about what will happen?

Painesville, OH |

I am being chardeg with passing a bad check. This is a first time offense for me what is my penalty that I need to look forward to and will I go to jail?

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If you did not intentionally do it, you are not guilty of a crime. Why would you be so quick to want to plead guilty and get your penalty? Hire a lawyer and fight the case. This kind of conviction will have long-term consequences for employment and will affect how the cops and the criminal justice system treats you in the future. See link below


If you did not do it, you may not be guilty of the crime as charged. You should discuss this matter with your defense attorney and analyze your mens rea with that of the charged statute. If you don't have an attorney, hire one! If you can't afford one, ask the court to appoint one for you. Your state of mind is a defense to