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I live in NJ and my divorce and custody was done in TN. what are my rights as a non custodial parent?

Piscataway, NJ |

judge in TN Granted custody to father when there is was nothing bad said about me..I work and took car of my son for his 4 yrs.. August of 2013 my son started residing with dad. there is no visitations said in paper or child support ? what happens help me what are my rights?????? My ex tells me you cant take him anywhere from state for vacations or nothing and not even out of the country i feel like im being bullied ...I would never keep him away or kidnapped my son..I don't know what to do ..Lost custody of my son for no reason. I had proof of dad being unfit but judge didn't care.

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Not enough information to answer. Consult a local custody attorney in person.

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That's not enough information on which to base a precise answer. Consult a local attorney and discuss the issue in detail.

Under the rules governing the conduct of attorneys in New York it may be necessary to remind you that this answer could be considered attorney advertising.


Based on the limited information you provided, you will have to file your application in Tennessee. Please also see which governs which state has jurisdiction for custody and support when parents live in different states.

Good luck.

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