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I live in Michigan. I got a OWI over ten years ago. Other then that, I have a clean record. Is this still on my record?

Grand Haven, MI |
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Check,4643,7-123-1589_1878_8311---,00.html for criminal records search.


OWIs can never be removed from your record and will remain there for life.


There is no legal device to remove an OWI from your record.


Unfortunately, the OWI will stay on your record forever under the Michigan Traffic Code. Three OWI convictions in a lifetime is a felony. I personally don't like that law. It seems unfair when a person gets couple of these at a young age, then picks up another as a senior citizen and is charged with a felony.


Yes. I will remain on your record permanently. Whether it will be available to the public is a different question. After 10 years, it will not appear on your public SOS record. If it was a 90 vs. a 93 day offense, it may or may not appear on your public record.

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