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I live in Mass and will be deposed by my wife's attorney in a couple of weeks. I was convicted of a felony thirty years ago.

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My record was sealed ten years ago. Can I legally state in the deposition I have never been arrested or have no criminal past? The contested issues do not concern custody or any factors involving domestic violence against my spouse. Do I need to reveal that my record has been sealed? No trouble with the law since my conviction over thirty years ago. I do not want to admit it if I can legally claim otherwise.
Thank you

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If you are being deposed, I assume you have an attorney. If so, then discuss this in depth with your attorney. If you do not have an attorney, I highly suggest you retain one to represent you and help you prepare for your depo.

Best of luck!

The above is NOT legal advice, and is NOT intended to be legal advice. No Attorney-Client relationship is created through the above answer.


To prepare for your deposition you will be meeting with your attorney, certainly. Ask your attorney to do the legal research into your unique issue.

It far exceeds the kind of legal research for free you'd get on Avvo, a general Q and A forum


You will be under oath and you know what happened. Speak to your attorney.


I agree with the other attorneys you need to speak to your divorce attorney about this. If you do not have a divorce attorney you need to retain one. Given that there is a deposition involved in your divorce it is not a simple matter that you can handle on your own.

This is not intended as legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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