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I live in Jacksonville fl my license been suspend since 1998 or 2000 in cedar rapids iowa for dui my second 1 wasn't like 1

Jacksonville, FL |
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You need to satisfy whatever Iowa says is suspending you. Call the DMV or clerk (equivalent) in Iowa. Florida is just honoring what they're being told from Iowa.

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You'll have to contact the FL DMV to (1) see you if you're eligible for a DL now and (2) if eligible, what steps to take to get your DL.

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You have to do two things initally. Contact Iowa DMV to see what you need to do to comply and also contact Florida DMV. I wish you the best of luck getting your driver's license back.

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I would need to know more details about your case in order to give you a better idea about when you might reasonably expect to be able to get a Florida DL.

But the other attorneys are correct -- You will have to resolve all outstanding/pending conditions and issues related to your DUI.

If you'd like a more thorough consultation, feel free to call me at your convenience.

Best of luck,
Andrew M. Bonderud, Esq.
Jacksonville, FL

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Contact the Iowa DMV to find out what you need to do to get your license reinstated there. After that, contact the Florida DMV to see what other steps you need to satisfy them.

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