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I live in georgia. my wife filed a divorce in alabama. i've received papers a month ago. what if i couldn't afford to go there ?

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i've talked to an attorney in georgia before my wife filed divorce who said that the court might have overruled the case if my wife had filed divorce in alabama because it's the alabama state law that for the plaintiff to file divorce, the defendant (me in this case) must have been an alabama resident or the plaintiff must reside in alabama for 6 months before filing a divorce. I have never been a resident in alabama. before we got separated at the beginning of Nov 2011, we were living in ga together. we rented an apartment which i've been paying for. we got no properties, no debts, nor kids. what will happen now ? Besides, i'm a greencard holder and cannot afford to go to alabama for the court in two weeks. thank you very much for considering my question and for your time, best regards

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Repost the question as an Alabama question, not a Georgia one. An Alabama attorney can inform you of the residence laws and the ability to appear by phone. Some court allow parties to appear by phone for certain matters. However, it is unlikely that all matters can done by phone.

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