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I live in Buffalo, NY and am unable to find a lawyer that will take my case. Why are Attorney's afraid of the IRS?

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My Title VII case against the IRS was illegally dumped some years ago by a federal judge to protect the IRS from having to pay the judgment. The Appeals Court upheld the illegal activity. My case as already in the process of settlement. I have solid proof of my claims. The federal judge has violated my Constitutional Rights by barring me from filing any more actions in federal court regarding this matter. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. This is injustice against African Americans.

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Use Avvo's Find a Lawyer tool or contact the Erie County bar association to find an attorney.

If you cannot find someone to represent you on such a case, it is generally a sign that there is not enough money in the case to do the case on a contingency.

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I suggest you try using the Find A Lawyer tab on Avvo.

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Find a lawyer to do what? Your case has been dismissed and the dismissal has been upheld on appeal. The federal judge is immune from suit by you on these facts. The ruling barring you from further filings is all the explanation that needs be offered here, and there is no issue of attorneys' fears of the IRS or any other entity. You cannot find a lawyer because your case is concluded and there remain no services that an ethical attorney can undertake for you.

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I your claim is that the tax laws are unfair, you may need to try to change those laws through the democratic process instead of trying to use the courts. I recommend you start in the library or take a course at a local community college.