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I live at a community in Sarasota, Florida and recently my car has had things done to it.

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I know they are not responsible but my tags have been stolen twice now on one car and hub cabs of the other. I noticed it on Friday that my tag was missing so I called the DMV again and have to pay for it. On that same day the management put a notice on my car that my car is not up to date. I called them and told them that it is but somebody is fooling with my car. I told her that the new tag is on its way but it will take a few days or so. She replied too bad too sad it is illegal and you have 48 hrs or else. I told her I was not responsible for what happened but just because the tag is not there doesn't mean the car is not registered. Call the police and have them run the tag, you will find out and stop being a jerk. What is a person to do? Can she tow?

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Consider placing a sign in the rear window that states "Tag stolen" and list your current tag number, also state that a replacement has been ordered. That should put them on notice that your car is not abandoned and that the car is registered.

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Your registration that your keep in your glove box indicates that you have valid registration. In addition, keep a copy of the police report with you in the vehicle showing that the tag was reported stolen. This will not prohibit you from being stopped by the police but will assist you in avoiding being cited for the offense.


Mr. Chen and Mr. Daniels offer you the best advice for trying to handle this on your own. You may want to consider constantly writing letters to create a paper trail of your efforts to inform them of what happened to your tags. If they do improperly order your car towed, you may need to ask an attorney to look into what your legal remedies are in that situation.

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