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I lied on a domestic violence report and my boyfrirnd could be facing jail time what should I do and can I go to jail for this

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I hit him first. I bit him on his neck and I didnt even tell the police that in the report. He broke two of my doors but he barley put his hands on me and I threw the first punch. I dont kno what to do because I dont know if I will get in trouble for lieing. Can you please help me

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If you signed a police report, you have stated that the events listed was an accurate retelling of events. By lying, you have opened yourself to a lot of legal issues, including obstruction of justice and falsifying a police report. Depending on the circumstances, the DA could drop charges against your boyfriend and come after you. Also, if you were to be put on the stand and subject to testimony, and you lie there, you could be looking at fines and jail time for perjury. A lot of trouble for your one lie.

You should stop posting anything on the internet, since this is a public open forum, and see if you can find a criminal defense attorney in your area to discuss this matter with in some length and detail. Then, based on their advice and recommendation, discuss this matter with the police or the DA's office, if it has gone that far.

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You could end up needing your own attorney because filing a false police report is a crime in and of itself. Additionally, if you assaulted him, then that would be a second crime.

Meet with an attorney in confidence and stop talking about the incident until you hire your own attorney. Don't risk your career, your future, and your freedom because you don't want to meet with an attorney of your own.


If I interpret your statement correctly--although you may have omitted the matter of the first strike--your recollection may have been ... delayed. Never be afraid of the truth. The threshold for Domestic Violence is very low. The description here isn't relevant as to "who started it". The description of the actions meet the threshold--but the victim's advocate may be able to intervene with the Prosecutor.

There is a flip side here. Be careful. If your relationship includes and/or accepts domestic violence--these patterns tend to be repetitive--and they tend to increase over time. Is this the relationship you seek to be in? Good Luck--and be careful.

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