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I know of a pet pharmacy that claimed to have pharmacists checking all of the prescriptions later I found out many were not.

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Owners of the business claimed to have found a loophole where vets could check some of the prescriptions since they were vet medications. However it was later discovered that not even veterinarians checked the prescriptions, rather they were checked by employes with no licensure in either veterinary medicine or pharmacy. Medications were sent to all fifty states. Does this constitute mail fraud and would it be covered under the whistleblower act if the person reporting it is a former employee?

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Contact an employee rights attorney and voice your concerns. They should be able to guide you in the right direction.


This very well could be a whistle blower case.
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You need to consult with an attorney. Review all the facts with an attorney and the attorney will be able to share with you the best options.


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