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I knock over a street light post in PA received four citation, would like to know what to do. Thank You Robert

Denver, PA |

Was in Denver PA to drop a load off went down Main St., was turning right on High St., the back wheel caught the pole and knock it over.

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You should plead not guilty and request a hearing. You will maximize your efforts by having an attorney, but if you truly cannot afford one then attempt to negotiate with the pice officer. Good luck.


If you can hire an attorney, it is always best to do. If you have sufficient time before the hearing date, you may want to call around to compare fees. If you cannot retain an attorney, just remember to be respectful to the officer - they are almost always more inclined to favorably negotiate with someone who is courteous, as opposed to someone who is combative.


It is always best to have an attorney


If you received a number of citations, you should be aware there may be more serious consequences than the fines identified. By your question, I gather you have a CDL. If so, the charges may affect your CDL, and that of course, means that your job may be in jeopardy. The citations for trucking/commercial defendants are often more significant than traffic citations issued to non-CDL drivers.

You not only need an attorney, you need the right traffic defense attorney. For more information, click a link below.

F. Dean Morgan
The Morgan Law Firm


You need to speak to an experienced attorney immediately. If you have a CDL the penalties may be harsher than what they would be for a non-CDL holder. Either way you should speak to a lawyer.


What are the section codes that you are charged with? If 3309,3736, and/or 3745 are among them then your CDL may be in jeopardy. Are trucks your size allowed on this road? You should consult an attorney.

No attorney client relations hip exists unless I am specifically retained to represent you.

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