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I just want to dispute my credit report.Even though balance is correct the collections agency is contacted wrong address.

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Hello,I never received any calls emails or mails from collection agency.Because they have wrong address.Even though unpaid bill is correct CA contacted wrong address.I am planning to dispute that report. Its supposed to remove on 05/17 showing on credit report.What happens if i disputed now and they rejected my disputed. Does it updates in report recently and removal year extends further.If am not able to provide clear documents how credit berus will update in the way very recently i paid that collection amount.I dont know before thats why i could not make payment. Once i saw in credit report, i called and i paid.Still they did not updated in history.its 168$ utility bill handed over to CA.

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If something is scheduled to be removed in that short of a time frame it's probably best to let the sleeping dog lie and let it fall off the credit report in two months. If for some reason it's supposed to be removed on 5/17 and it is not, you can send letter to credit bureaus that they remove it. Both correct and incorrect information falls off after 7 years.

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