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I just received a DUI refusal and speeding ticket is the state of MS. I need to know what us will cost and what will happen.

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I refused to blow, but did very well on the sobriety test. I was always told not to blow so i refused and was taken to jail. My jail bond is 900 and I don't know what it will cost for the refusal ticket if found guilty. Can you give me some details on what happens? Also what the difference is between a DUI and a refusal DUI?

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Refusal cases are very defensible but you need a good lawyer in Oxford...try to get in touch with Dwight Ball he is the dean of the DUI defense bar in North Mississipi.


Judge Ball (as we all called him in college) has been doing this a long time for sure. However, he does charge for his services.

DUI refusal does not have a fine associated with it. It is just an administrative suspension of your driver's license for 90 days. You will get a letter in the mail (to your address on your license) giving you 10 days to file an appeal. Chances are, you'll notice that by the time you got the letter your 10 days are up. So if you want to fight the refusal, you have to get on it immediately.

The DUI itself, is another problem. You are facing about an $800 fine (you can call the court clerk and she can tell you the exact amount), you'll lose your license for 90 days (in addition to the refusal 90 days....6 months total), you'll have to attend a MASEP class ($150...4 days/1 day a week), and you'll have to pay a reinstatement fee ($125). Depending on the Court you are in, you may also have to do probation (monthly fee).

DUI's are mostly what I do (along with other criminal defense work in North Mississippi) You can reach me at 662-647-3888.

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I was told all in all total legal costs for a DUI would end up being 8,000-10000 Dollars. Is that even worth it? Should I just wait and be appointed a free lawyer in court and hope for the best? I have never had a ticket before this, and have never gotten into any trouble. University police arrested me, if that makes any difference.

Jeffrey J. Padgett

Jeffrey J. Padgett


I think that figure is a little high even if you factor in added costs of insurance, fines, etc. over a period of 5 years which is how long a DUI stays on your record. I would talk to another attorney. Both Kevin Frye and I are qualified to handle your DUI defense, and I doubt we charge as much as you've been quoted.


The fine will vary depending on what agency arrested you - i.e. the Oxford Police, University Police or Highway Patrol. A refusal DUI simply means that in addition to potential criminal penalties if found guilty, you will also have your license administratively suspended for 90 days for refusing to submit to the breath test.

Advice not to take the breath test is generally good advice, and your case is likely more easily defended because of your decision. My suggestion is that you hire an attorney, though I would suggest that you ask around and find someone recommended by your friends.