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I just posted bond for a failure to appear bench warrant in Michigan

Lapeer, MI |

Hi, I just recently posted bond for a failure to appear bench warrant in Michigan. I have to appear for court soon to handle this issue. I'm wondering what is my best bet to avoid jail time.

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That will depend on some things including your prior record, if you have any prior FTAs, what your excuse was for not showing up. I would definately suggest having an attorney to represent you in this or at least consult with one. Feel free to give me a call at (517) 614-1983. Good luck!


The bond you posted should cover your failure to appear. The judge may ask some additional questions, and the judge could raise the bond if you appear to be a flight risk. But I wouldn't worry about the failure to appear too much. The bigger issue is, what are you charged with? If it's a jay-walking ticket, you're probably in the clear. If it's a felony firearm, you're probably going to jail unless you are prepared to present a defense. Of course, there's everything in between too. Best to contact a lawyer on this case. My firm is a DUI defense firm, but if you call and I can't help you, I'd be happy to refer the case to someone I trust. I have a network of attorneys across Michigan, and they all tend to be outstanding attorneys in their various areas of practice.

-- William Maze, Maze Legal Group

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