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I just plead guilty to a charge of felony harrassment/threat to kill. I received a sentence of 58 days and 92 work crew.

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In this case I was arrested held on a 72 hour hold and then charged. The attorney provided for me buy the court did not seem very helpful in pleaing this deal. After being served I had a mental breakdown and was removed from my pod and sent to mental health. i have been diagnosed Bi-Polar and had been off my medications for some time. Also I am a practing alcholic. Neither one of these my lawyer, at my knowledge brought up in the deal. She kept insisting that she needed to talk to the victim. In the time after arrest, I wrote some notes to the prosecting attorney stating my remoarse for the situation. I have been very manic and so with the combation of withdrawing physocially from alcohol I made some errigious mistakes. My lawyer never brought up the 911 call.

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Once you plead guillty to a crime you don't have the ability to appeal the sentencing decision of the court unless the Judge gave you a sentence outside the range that you were looking at for your offender score. All of these ideas should have been brought up by you with your attorney before you plead guilty.


What is your actual question? You explained what happened but never posed a question.


Your lawyer likely told everything to the prosecutor in negotiations that was pertinent to your case. Just because it wasn't mentioned in court, doesn't mean it wasn't considered. Mental illness usually only effects your case if it rises to a level where you couldn't tell right from wrong at the time the crime occurred. From what you've stated above, this would probably be very hard to prove in your case. Grounds to challenge a guilty plea after it has been entered are very limited and most likely your situation doesn't qualify.


I agree with the other attorneys who have answered thus far. Have you tried contacting your attorney? If you let her know that you have some doubts about how things happened, she might be able to clear up any misunderstandings, or, if there are any issues that need additional consideration, she could possibly direct you to the next best steps. That's the first step I would take.

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What exactly is the question? When you plead to a charge, the judge usually will go over the plea work with you to make sure you fully understand your rights. Also, they want to make sure you're making free and voluntary decision to enter a plea of guilty. Your attorney should have reviewed the plea work with you. Interviewing the alleged victim is normal. Without a specific question, it's difficult to add anymore insight.