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I just moved in a foreclosed home in Florida

Jacksonville, FL |

I am an renter who moved in a foreclosed home not knowing it was in foreclosure. Signed a 2 year lease with the owner then 7 days later a gentlemen came stating he is from recover american to take possesion of the house and that the house is in foreclosure. What is my rights and how to handle this situation? I was told I can stay in the house for the duration of lease or if the house is sold and the new buyer want to move in they have to give me 45 days.

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Foreclosure is a judicial process, so unless the gentleman who came to you was with the police and had a writ of possession, then you are not required to leave the property. Tenant's have rights to remain in the property even during a foreclosure. Consult with an attorney to see where the foreclosure is at in the judicial process and what rights you have moving forward.

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