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I just got my first dui and hit a car.. now I have to wait for my court date and was wondering what will most likely happen next

San Jose, CA |
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Do you also realize that you should have legal representation? I'm guessing that you don't based upon the nature of the question and the less than minimal understanding you've apparently picked up on your own. There are really good reasons for having a lawyer represent someone accused of a crime. At least take the time to speak privately with one or more to explore that very issue, "What can you do for me that justifies me paying you $X?" Good luck.


You only have ten days to contact the DMV to request a hearing, or your license will be suspended.

People frequently believe that DUI's are impossible to fight and so they simply give up. The truth is, an attorney can often make a significant difference. At the very least, it's worth contacting an attorney to have them look over your case and make sure that you are aware of your options.

Best of luck!


It's not possible to determine exactly what will happen based on the information you've supplied here (don't provide more information on this public forum). It's unclear if you injured anyone that was in the car that you hit. If you injured someone you face a much more serious case. Also it's unclear if he fled the scene of the accident which would again mean enhanced penalties. It's unclear what your BAC was. Finally its not clear what if any prior criminal record you have which will impact what you are facing. All of these issues should be explored with an attorney during a confidential consultation. I am local and offer a free consultation. Good luck.



clean record and no one was hurt.