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I just got charged with petit larceny at my local Wal-Mart..

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Okay, so I made a bad decision an decided to take an outfit for my little sisters birthday an I also took make up. I honestly never steal, it was just on a whim.. my check was bad, not an excuse but all I got. Anyways, I was wondering if there was any way to try to keep my record clean..? I have no previous offenses and I really don't do anything illegal. An I feel very very stupid an I don't want it to affect the rest of my life..

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Well, first of all, don't admit to wrongdoing on the internet or to anyone else (besides your attorney). Having said that, the only way to keep your record clean is to be found not guilty or have your case dropped (nolle prossed) or dismissed. Any conviction will remain on your record permanently and can never be expunged. First offender programs (like the OAR program offered in Fairfax) may help you avoid a conviction, but will make it impossible to get an expungement. Talk to a lawyer about your options and read the information below on how expungements work.

Good luck.

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Your best opportunity to keep your record clear is to hire an attorney. Talk with them about your facts and situation and they may be able to help you in court. Good luck.

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