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I just got arrested for OWI (D FEL) and endangerment. I have a prior OWI in Indiana and one in Michigan. What am I looking at?

Elkhart, IN |

I was over the legal limit and ran my car into a building and slightly injured 2 people. I have a prior DUI in another county in Indiana and another DUI in Michigan. I bonded out and need to know what I am looking at and what to do.

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You have a lot going on here. You really need to contact an experienced DUI attorney in your area without delay.

This is not intended as legal advice. No attorney / client relationship exists because of this response.


You're incredibly lucky that you weren't charged with criminal recklessness for hitting a building and injuring people. At a MINIMUM you are looking at 10 actual days in jail and a license suspension of at least 365 days. These are requirements of Indiana law for prior OVWI convictions. This conviction may also cause a Habitual Traffic Violator determination and cost you your license for the next 10 years. Go hire an attorney.


It depends how old your prior IN OWI is. If it is within 5 years then your are facing a felony in Indiana resulting in at least five actual jail days and a one year DL suspension. If they charged a felony OWI causing serious bodily injury, the minimum DL suspension is 2 years.

The Michigan DUI may or may not affect the case. It depends on the wording of MI law. It could, for example, increase the minimum jail time to 10 days, as opposed to 5. It just depends on the wording.

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