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I just got a ticket for illegally turning left, the code violation is 21461 (a) vc. I have two questions, how much will ticket

Glendale, CA |

cost and will I really need to appear in court? I haven't had a ticket in over 10 years, but on the ticket it says to appear in court on 6/28. I received the ticket in Glendale, CA.

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Unless you want to fight this the best course is to do what you have to do to go to traffic school. You'll have to pay your bail and then pay the school's fee which is minimal. On-line courses are available.

If you do want to fight it, fill out the trialby declaration form first and see what happens. If you don't win then you can request a court hearing and if you still lose the judge has the power to let you go to traffic school.

In neither case will any points go on your record.


For Glendale I would hire a traffic ticket attorney to fight this ticket. Better chance of getting dismissed or reduced to a non point moving violation. Traffic school is always an option.

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