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I just got 75/25 joint legal custody - I have primary physical and the mother has visitation whom lives in Florida and I in NJ.

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Legal custody is the decision making (such as choice of school, medical treatment, religion, etc.) I don't understand how you have 75/25 "joint legal custody." Do you mean you have 75/25 physical custody? If yes, the number of overnights with the non-custodial parent is included in the child support calculation. In NJ, child support is calculated under the NJ Child Support Guidelines ( it is a software used by the judge's law clerk for purposes of determining the child support amount). Judges have the discretion to "go off guidelines" but this is rare and usually done in high income cases. Good luck!

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I have my son 75% of the time and the mother 25% of the time. I have primary physical custody where as she has visitation. Also does the traveling costs to and from Florida play into the child support amount?


There are various child support calculators that calculate child support in accordance with the New Jersey Guidelines. The amount of parenting time, will give your spouse a credit off child support. The number that will be generated, as weekly support is a presumptive number, and under certain circumstances can be challenged. I would speak with an attorney to make sure that you are getting the credits you are entitled to (such as day care costs, medical insurance costs), additional contribution, such as contribution to extra curricular activities, life insurance to secure the child support obligation, medical coverage, etc.

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You say you "just got" a custody determination, and if I had to guess, I would assume it is joint legal custody with you have parenting time 75% of the time and the mother has a 25% time share. Didn't the judge address child support when the custody determination was made? If not, you need to file a motion for child support , which will take into consideration your respective incomes and the parenting time split, among other things.

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