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I just found out that instead of sponsoring my boyfriends parents I sponsored his wife and baby can I get out this?

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I am a us citizen and make enough for support he is a citizen but does not make enough money I just want to not be held responsible for any of them

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Did you not read the Affidavit of Support Form before you signed it? You would have had to list all immigrants you were agreeing to support. Schedule a consultation with an immigration attorney immediately to find out if there is any way to withdraw your Affidavit.


You can try by sending a letter withdrawing your Affidavit based on fraud and false material representations with which you were lured into providing an Affidavit that you thought was for someone else..

But you had the obligation and responsibility to read and examine the contents of the document you signed..

Try, you may succeed, if you can successfully allege fraud and misrepresentation of a material fact.

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Execution of the I-864 Affidavit of Support is an enforceable contract against the affiant (in this case, against you). However, the obligation only begins after the sponsored immigrant acquires permanent residence. The obligation continues until the immigrant is naturalized. You may be able to withdraw it if the obligation has not yet commenced, or arrange for a substitute sponsor. You will have to contact USCIS. Good luck. I hope this helps. If this answer helped you, kindly consider marking it as "Helpful" or "Best Answer".

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Dean P Murray


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