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I injured my back about 3 yrs ago 10 lb limit 10% disability, Kept the job with light duty. Now the company has only heavy labor

Salt Lake City, UT |

This job has become a nightmare. I used to be okay to lift heavy objects, but now I can't and my job says if I can't cut it than I should be looking elsewhere. Is this right?

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You need to speak with a local worker’s comp. attorney ASAP. You did not state if you have reached an end of healing and whether you have had permanent work restrictions given. If you have permanent work restrictions then you need to find out the time frame your employer has to decide whether they can meet these restrictions or let you go.

Good luck.

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I agree with Mr. McCormick. In some jurisdictions you are entitled to vocational rehabilitation services if you cannot return to your previous job because of your injuries. I suspect you may have had an attorney help you in your case to secure the 10% impairment. Let him know, you may be able to open your claim for worsening. Hang in there, it's been tough but you may have rights you are unaware of. Keep working until you cannot any longer and make sure you get a doctor's note commenting on your inability to do what the employer now wants you to do.


I think you should start putting out the feelers for a lighter job. Whether they can fire you is less important than whether you can do the job. Even if they don't terminate you in the near future, you run the risk of re-injury and then you WILL have a serious problem.

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