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I ignored the letter from the court that states "Notice to the Judgment Debtor of Garnishment of Property other than Personal

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Earnings" in the mail. It was asking me to show up in court if I wanted to contest this. Since I didn't have a car, I decided to ignore it. What should I expect? I have a car with equity over $5,000; few thousand dollars in my savings account; an LLC which is my business; and 1 bedroom apartment with furnitures. So, I do have some things that the judgment creditor might be interested in. Since I ignored the letter, can the sheriff just come and start taking away my belongings or would I receive a letter or something in the mail?

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A levy may be put on your bank account. One day whatever is in it will be gone. Does the Creditor have a security interest in your car - doesn't sound like that's the creditor. Don't understand why you're ignoring it. They can still go after your earnings with garnishment until the Debt is satisfied. You can still try to negotiate with them or file bankruptcy to stop whatever levy or garnishment may occur. You don't mention how large the Judgment is.


Most likely the creditor will:

1. Levy your bank account.
2. Attempt to have your wages garnished if you are employed.


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