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I hurt my back at work i have done pt but no help now I need a shoot can I sue and how much can I get thanks

Addison, IL |

They are paying for all but they get mad at me and they don't want me to work 40 hours only 35. So I was wondering if can I sue becous I think they want to make me quit

They are paying for doctor and pt I was doctor say I got sprein and strein muscle so I was send to pt now for 4 weks but no help there so now the doc want to give me a shoot of steroids on the back the thing is my employe won't give me a day of to rest and the doc only putme on ligth duty

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In a word; no.

Workers' compensation is essentially a no fault system that compensates a worker based upon his or her earnings and the part of the body and severity of the injury.

If they are paying you, I don't know if this means TTD, or temporary total disability, or if you are being paid salary or hourly. I also do not know if you have any medical restrictions or if your normal week is 35 or 40 hours.

What you should do is seek counsel with an experienced workers' compensation attorney. This should cost you nothing, as the fee structure is contingent upon recovery.

Sorry, but there are simply not enough facts in your query to provide a true "answer."

Stephen L. Hoffman
Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC
Chicago, IL

This answer is provided for informational and advertising purpose and is intended not to be construed as legal advice. Further, please note that this practitioner is licensed in the State of Illinois and only answers questions involving incidents and the law of that jurisdiction.


You may pursue your rights within the Workers' Compensation system, but that is generally your sole remedy for work-related injuries. You should have an attorney representing you to sort through the types of issues you are raising and eventually to assure you receive a fair settlement. I would not handle this in your area, but I work closely with an experienced workers' compensation attorney who would. Please feel free to E-Mail or call if you would like to pursue representation.

The scope of this space does not afford an opportunity to adequately advise you. The response provided is intended to be informative, but not final. You are advised to arrange a consultation at which all facts and documents can be explored and terms for representation agreed. An attorney-client relationship must be formally established.


If your injury requires that you work fewer hours, your employer MUST pay you the difference. If you are being disctiminated against BECAUSE you filed a WC claim AND you can prove that the claim is the reason for your discrimination, you can sue your employer.

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