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I hired subcontractor and employees to wired a post-production facility in Hollywood. The job started in Jan 2011 thru April2012

Whittier, CA |

I was paid thru December. However they did not paid any invoices submitted for labor after December. I have Paid all my sub for exeption one and employees. I paid using the payroll taxmoney to get them paid. I have defaulted in my taxes and credit and home. They owe me four months of labor (30+ workers). The Invoices amount is about 900,000.00. I hired a group of people to put all timesheets and notes together and they delivered and now they want more. The company is a high profile company

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You should immediately consider filing a mechanic's lien to protect your rights as the time to file a mechanics' lien is relatively short. Mechanic's liens allow a contractor, subcontractor or material supplier to put a prejudgment lien on real property on which the work was performed and if the owner/tenant who requested the work wants to take off the lien, they need to post a bond for 150% of the amount claimed. For more information on a Mechanic's lien go to:

In addition, you should review your contract and notify the post-production facility if they are in default under the contract. There may be procedural issues you will need to address before filing the lien and/or filing suit to preserve your rights to recover attorney's fees, if you prevail.

These areas are complex and you should probably consult a lawyer for assistance ASAP. Many lawyers will provide a free consultation.


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