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I hired a person to spray the vinyl siding and do my deck and driveway. My house was not really dirty-after he did it my house

Lawrenceville, GA |

My house ended up dirtier than before he "cleaned" the siding. It now has huge swirls of dark grey/black on my light gray siding. I called him about it and he gave me several excuses. He ignored my phone calls and my hnusband called him today to demand that he return and clean off the grey/black swirls. Now he is blaming it on my rose bushes (which were cut down before) and he hung up. I intend to sue him in small claims court. I had another man come out and look at it and he gave us a $125 estimate to get rid of the swirls-he told us the first guy only used water and did a poor job. I want to sue him. Help please.

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Your question contains a good amount of details, but it is not clear what you're asking. What "help" are you seeking from the responding attorney's in this forum?

Please re-post with a more explicit/specific question.

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