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I heard from someone that, in Alaska, if you see a hitchhiker or stranded motorist, you are required by law to pick them up.

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I have head that b/c of the extreme temperatures that this is a law in Alaska. I have heard this from quite a few people, but find it very hard to believe. Is it just a rumor that has been passed along by so many people that I'm hearing it a lot?

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How could that possibly be true? If true, it's got to be the handy work of former Gov. Sarah Palin?

Alaska is more willing to let hitchhikers catch a ride (in many states, it's illegal); however, that's a far cry from requiring citizens to serve as a taxi driver for a non-paying complete stranger who could be looking to rob, rape, or kill his driver. NO. This is not true.

Now it may be true (though found no law suggesting such) that you are required to call for help if you see a stranded motorist or distressed pedestrian, but I seriously doubt the law imposes any criminal liability for failing to do so.



i live in alaska and it is in fact illegal not to pick put a hitich hiker, but ONLY BETWEEN OCT. AND APRIL when weather conditions can reach below zero. Many of the police here will in fact pick you up if you are hitch hiking but it is also illegal to walk a certain distance from the road so they will write you a ticket.