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I haven't received any paper for workers comp about them paying for my miles

Stockton, CA |

When I go to the doctor visit or therapy
It been 3 weeks already

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I'll pop in the link to the state's form to demand reimbursement for your mileage... stick to MapQuest miles so the adjuster will okay it quickly (you pad it, and she has to go line-by-line and set it aside for 6 weeks).

The Insurer MIGHT NOT KNOW about your claim... the employer often neglects to inform the insurance company, hoping you'll just return to full duty with no problems and they won't have any 'experience' on their rating.

MAKE CERTAIN you fax and mail notice of the injury to the insurance company... there should be a poster at the workplace identifying the Comp Carrier.

IF NOT, hit the website for the Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau... WCIRB. they'll show you who insures your employer (if they can!).



Well when I first got hurt the sent me the mile package in 4 day but Iono y it taking them so long to send me the mile package

Nancy J Wallace

Nancy J Wallace


Are you trying to say WHY IS IT taking time to receive a check? BECAUSE you have no lawyer so nobody is threatening any penalty petition for late payment. You need to get proof of the date you send this so you can -- much later -- show a judge you had to wait months for re-send it by FAX to the Insurer''s fax number and KEEP THE FAX TRANSMISSION REPORT. Try noting you're notifying the AUDIT UNIT of the Division of Workers Compensation that payment is late, and you'll get the adjuster's attention.


Great advice from Attorney Wallace.

Good luck.

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They don't pay the mileage in advance. You have to request it after you actually go to the doctor, x-ray, physical therapy, pharmacy, etc. Ms. Wallace has given you the link to complete the request form. Once you submit it, give them 60 days to make the payment.