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I have wrongfully been accused of stalking and had a court date tomorrow morning.

Lake Worth, FL |

The only thing I have done is to send a few text messages of which none were in any way threatening, not was there any sexual content. There was not even any foul language. The person filing stole money from me on three different occasions. She is just trying to get even.

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If you can prove that she owes you money and that you were merely attempting to recover that money, it sounds like you have a pretty good defense. The judge is not going to want to hear about your defense. I suggest that you hire a good lawyer.


You didn't ask a question, but you don't need to discuss the facts of your case online or in public. If you have a court date tomorrow, you need to hire an attorney ASAP to help you with this case.


As a former prosecutor and crininal defense attorney practicing in Palm Beach County, I advise you to hire an attorney immediately. The judge will give you a courtesy reset to allow you to seek counsel. The facts you have provided are not enough to give you an opinion with respect to your case. However, it is very important that you do not discuss your case with anyone as it may compromise possible defenses. Not discussing this matter includes emailing, texting, or posting on Facebook or other social media outlets. It is very important that you do not contact the alleged victim in this matter as doing so is a crime. You should hire an attorney who practices in the areas of both criminal defense and domestic violence. I wish you the best of luck.