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I have warrants out for hit and run DUI and VOP.

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Obviously you need to deal with the DUI . Get an attorney . It can make I difference having an attorney with you when you go to court. The VOP may be dormant until you deal with DUI .

Andrew Roberts
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Your concern should not be that the VOP does not show up. Your concern should be that the other charges do. I agree with my colleague - hire an attorney immediately and deal with these charges in a meaningful way. Calling the sheriff to see what they do and do not have against you is no substitute for meaningful action.

Hire counsel immediately!


My colleagues are absolutely correct. You need to deal with your arrest warrants ASAP -- they will come back to haunt you. The earlier you tackle the problem, the better. Call one of the many experienced attorneys on AVVO - almost all offer a free consultation - and start dealing with your legal issues now.

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We wouldn't know if your warrant was lost. There's a whole host of reasons why it may not show up at a given moment, but do not assume it is gone. Any time you have warrants your life will be so much better walking in with an attorney and surrendering on it and dealing with it. If you get picked up on a warrant, no matter how old, you will go to jail, there will be bail and you might not get out. Deal with the DUI and Hit and Run. Its not the end of the world. If you get picked up, then it gets worse. If you would like a free consult give a call.

Brian Michaels
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In misdemeanor cases they usually don't put a bond on the Probation Violation. They usually just "trail" the new case.

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