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I have warrants and my license is suspended due to the warrants, how do I get out of the situation without going broke?

Dallas, TX |
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Warrants for traffic tickets I presume. If so, first you need an attorney to post an attorney bond ensuring your appearance and setting a court date. (that's assuming these aren't warrants based on your prior agreement to pay a fine and then failing to do so). Then you need to figure out why your license is suspended and what steps through DPS it will take to clear your DL. You can check your DPS suspension on the weblink below.
You need an attorney to get this done for you so that you won't be arrested when you're not expecting it. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about your options.

Good luck

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I would definitely hire an attorney who specializes in tickets to help you sort all this out. It will save you money, I promise. The attorney can post bonds on all warrants that are bondable and help you dispose of the non-bondable warrants as quickly as possible. He can also help you sort out with DPS exactly what holds are on your license and how to lift them. If you delay in disposing of tickets, the municipal court can attach an omni fee, which puts a hold on your license. The ticket has to be disposed of, then the omni fee can be paid to lift that hold. Finally, DPS is offering surcharge reductions and waivers who people who qualify. There are a lot of moving parts as you are realizing. I do recommend finding a ticket lawyer to help you through it.

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