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I have used 3 orthodontist, used 2 complete invisalign treatments and now with braces , very unhappy , spent almost $ 19,000.00

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Invisalign pushed my lower teeth so far in that I have no room for my tongue , speech is very bad , pain , suffering, weigh lost and anziety ruined my social and mental health.
Taking tramadol for pain and anti anxiety pains for survival

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Sorry about what happened to you. It sounds like this should not have happened. The important question is: did your doctor deviate from the appropriate standard of care. No one can answer this question without more facts and without closely examining and understanding your medical records. See or talk to an attorney immediately. Keep in mind that the statute of limitation on most medical malpractice actions is shorter than the usual negligence case. Good luck.



My first invisalign treatment was in New Jersey , I moved to Orange Park, FL. And completed the last 3 trays , I didn't come out right , then went to an insisalign dr. In Orange Park , FL. Where he said he was going to reverse the first treatment , completed a 2nd invisalign with this second dr. , it didn't work , so this dr. Put braces for 1 yrs. And my front lower teeth still are too far in and not enough room for my tongue , he wants to remove my braces next month but my lower front teeth still feel too far in and a sharpness of the teeth is very annoying. If he wants to remove the braces and be done with me and I feel treatment has so far hasn't worked , can I get him to continue the treatment until I can feel my teeth are in a place that I can be comfortable enough to live without the feeling that the teeth are not in the right torque or position.


We seem to be getting an awful lot of dental questions.
Anyway, I really can't tell if you have a case or not.
I imagine there is quite a bit more involved.
Feel free to call my office.


A local dental malpractice lawyer can be retained who can send your records to an expert to review to ascertain whether there was a breach of the standard of care.

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