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I have two strikes im out on bail fighting a possession of meth case.they want to three strike me do i know if i qualify

Santa Barbara, CA |

I have not picked up any cases for over 1o years

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That appears strange because the current case doesn't appear to be a strike at all. I suggest that you contact a few attorneys for a free consultation to determine which one is best suited for your case. I wish you the best.

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I agree. Possession of meth will not strike you out anymore, but can lead to a doubled prison sentence. But there are other options and a criminal defense attorney can help you. Why you would take the risk and possess meth with two prior strikes and 10 years under your belt is beyond me; using it will eventually strike you out completely in a read sense. If you need help get it immediately; don't wait on somebody else or the courts to give it to you. There are many programs and avenues to pursue. Chances are, if you eliminate meth or other drugs from your life you will distance yourself from the courts, and your life will steadily improve.


You can't strike out on a possession of meth conviction.

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