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I have title to 3 properties, I only thought it was one property and other two were in my son and exes daughter. I told him when

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lot was bought it would be put in my name since he would not marry me. We have split up and I moved out of household (which I am trustee of thebeneficiaries are the children), He has put a les pendens on property, So I really cannot afford to pay much upfront to an attorney. I have tried to negotiate with ex asking him to buy lot for 1/2 of marketable value of property and put the other 2 lots in the childrens names. Besides this I have not been able to get the rest of my personal belongings out of household...even though I am the trustee?Besides bringing this person to court for destroying my propery, gardening business, putting sugar in my gas tank, pulling the drive train off my truck, stealing licence plate etc. wrecking and stealing my belongings. I just want out .

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You share a very complicated and clearly emotion-filled set of facts. It sounds like you may be the defendant in a lawsuit filed by your ex because you mention a lis pendens. Plus, you say you've been wronged by this person and believe you may have valid legal claims against him, as well.

It's clear that you would benefit from retaining an attorney, even though you write "I really cannot afford to pay much upfront to an attorney." Your best bet is to go ahead and call a few experienced litigation attorneys near you for a free initial consultation. They'll ask you for the important facts and after you have a chance to explain the situation more fully they will let you know on what terms they might be willing to take your case. They'll also give you a sense of how urgently they believe you need to retain counsel. At that point, you'll have a lot more information about where you stand on which to base your decision as to how to proceed.

Good luck.

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I agree with my colleague's answer. Since you are a trustee, you have the right and duty to know what is going on with the property and to protect the interests of the beneficiaries, your children. You should try to get a consultation with an attorney to discuss your options because this does sound quite complex, and you may be able to find an attorney who will take your case on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you pay little if anything up front. If you feel like this person is a danger to you or your children, you should contact the police. Best of luck.

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Jefferson W. Boone

Jefferson W. Boone


A Chapter 209A restraining order and or a harassment order might be applicable if the damage to your vehicle, etc. constitutes a threat and/or is a series of actions intended to frighten or annoy you. Both are available without a filing fee in the district court; you may be able to do either without a lawyer. In the meantime, you will need a lawyer re whatever action your ex has brought with the lis pendens -- a lis pendens is notice that there is litigation pending regarding the title to your properties which, being where they are, must be quite valuable.

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