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I have the dispute over the boundary fence with my neighbour and want it straightened out but he disagrees with this.

Miami, FL |

The title plan which I have just obtained shows his property goes right up to the boundary line with no space in between the boundary fence and his property. Therefore the boundary fence has been moved onto my land and the existing space in between his property and the boundary fence must be my land as he could not have moved his property sideways!!

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Although I am not sure what a "title plan" is, the way to determine the location of the boundary between your property and your neighbor's is to have a survey done. If the survey shows that your neighbor's fence encroaches on your property, you can bring actions for trespass and for ejectment. Consult a surveyor first, then consult an experienced real estate lawyer in your area for advice on how to proceed.

Disclaimer: This answer is provided for informational purposes only, does not constitute legal advice, and does not create an attorney-client relationship. Actual legal advice can only be provided after completing a comprehensive consultation in which all of the relevant facts are discussed and reviewed.


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