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I have tenant who has stopped paying rent how can I evict.

Casa Grande, AZ |

did not pay for current month
claims that mold were present and was not told and per her the mold grew in another location
there was mold and the mold remediation certified mold free before they moved in
will NOT allow me to access the house to have the mold professionally removed, instead tells us she is seeking legal advice (appears to be looking for avenues to sue for damages)
claims she was feeling sick since december but does not want to leave the house

the new mold came from another source of leak in the house, renter did not report right away therefore mold grew, only in the laundry area but not in the area where there was mold that was removed, that was the kitche (separated by ceramic tiled hallway)

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You can evict the tenant by giving a 5 day notice for nonpayment of rent. The issue of the condition of the home generally does not allow a tenant to withhold rent, if they have not given proper notice and they remain in the property. It is also important that you immediately give a 2-Day Notice of Intent to Enter to inspect the Premises and remedy any problems. If they refuse you access, that is also a legitimate basis to terminate their lease.

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