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I have supposed lawyer firm/collection agency calling saying I owe a payday loan. They have all my information.

Valley, AL |

The account they have on file is a prepaid card account and the only deposits you can make is through direct deposit from an employer or to go to a local store and buy a reload card so I have never had money from a payday loan loaded to this account nor am I able to. How do I need to handle these calls.? I've asked for proof and verification and they say they can not do anything until I make a payment and only through email.

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It sounds like a scam so far.

You need to find out as much information about company as you can. The telephone number showing up on caller ID is a start. It would also be nice to have return numbers, fax numbers, physical addresses/mailing addresses, and real names. These are simple requests that any legitimate business should be able to provide. If they threaten to sue you, ask them who their Alabama attorney is because you would like to speak with him/her.

Bottom line is to get something in writing from them before even thinking about sending money. If you do, please feel free to contact me or another consumer attorney ( to advise further.


This is a growing problem. About half of the calls to my firm relate to scam debt collectors.

Here's the very simple solution: Tell them you know there are a lot of scams out there and you want something mailed to you.

Not emailed -- they will say they only email.

Not faxed -- they will say they will only fax you.

You tell them you want a good old fashioned letter sent through the United States Postal System with a stamp on it.

This freaks them out (the reasons aren't important).

A real lawfirm . . . a real collection agency . . . will be happy to send you a letter in the mail as they want to get paid.

The scam places won't -- they are terrified of mailing through the US mail.

They will start saying "This will violate our right to privacy" or "It is illegal to mail you" or "We can't mail you again" etc.

I've given this advice to hundreds of people and no one has ever had the collector continue to collect except the day of the call requesting the letter, the agency may call you multiple times. But if it is a scam -- and this sounds like one -- they will move on to easier "targets" who will immediately turn over their bank account information.

I'm putting a link below to an article/video about foreign collectors -- same thing with American collectors. In the last year good ole Americans have gotten deep into this particular scam also....

Best wishes

John Watts
Birmingham, Alabama

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It probably is a scam. My clients get them all the time and they have a lot of information. I even received a call from a lady in Georgia where the company said they were my law firm. I called them and they were foreign and they hung up on me. Do not pay anything and the police are not coming to your house.

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