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I have someone that is on parole living in my home can the parole officer search my home?

Iowa City, IA |
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I believe the parole officer would have the authority to search the residence of the parolee perhaps even without probable cause. Parole is an extension of the correctional setting. The parolee we may have been required to consent to a search in advance in writing as part of being released.


The PO would definitely be able to search any areas that the parolee has access to. I'm not sure about your personal living quarters if not shared with the parolee.

Parole means someone has already been convicted of a crime and sentenced to prison. Someone decided that he did not need to be kept in prison to protect society, but he is hsubject to being searched or locked up at any time if his Parole officer thinks that decision _might_ have been wrong. He has one foot in the jail cell already!

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