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I have some mental problems and I've not been able to save enough for a lawyer. He was so demanding I would do what he wanted.

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WE were married for 25 years. When we seen the Judge. He told him He was to pay me 345.00 a month. But he was able to get me to accept 200.00 a month. But He never paid me nothing and when I would ask him when he would say he was broke. And I could not raise the money for a lawyer. And so I just overwhelmed because I have disorder that Makes it very hard to do the things I need to do when I need to do them it's easyer to give up because of the pressure I feel trying to do think like I should and he plays uses it to do what he wanted like giving up like 354 dollar I was to get for 7 year. And he talked me into accepting 200 for two years. He owes me 6.000.00. He has a company now and I was going to the court to fill out and hope the judge understands me. Because of the time it toke me to

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I would contact a seasoned family law attorney here in the valley for a consultation and bring in your decree and other documents. Your question appears to be about spousal maintenance, but I'm not quite sure. Good luck.